Editorial Reviews. Review. “I don’t think any fans of Training Season will be disappointed in Look inside this book. Training Complex (Training Season Series Book 2) by [Blake, Leta] . Of course on a hotness scale it just explodes. SO HOT!. author. human. working hard to become stellar at life. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

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No biggie though, since there was insta-lust and insta-love, the insta-animosity just added up nicely.

Any Given Lifetime

So let me just get to the stars of this program, huh? Then there was Rob. This was hard to read. I thought I loved Matty… but Rob? But the lea cking icing on the cake was what happened in great detail afterward: I’m sorry for being the odd one out again people. Unbelievably good, and Matty and Rob’s story will stay with me for quite some time.

When a lucrative house-sittin Unquestionably talented figure skater Matty Marcus is willing to sacrifice everything for his Olympic dream, but his lack of discipline cost him the gold once before. But I will say, it all played out in a way I was okay with. Not only was it simply gorgeous but with the time frame of Matty being in Montana I was worried.

And it did take me a bit longer than I like to read it, but it was well worth it in the end. This is a big one for me, but for the story to develop correctly, it needed them.


Not so sexy to me.

But who stole the show for me was Neil. But Matty has to choose between Rob and Figure Skating the abusive boyfriend he just can’t let go. I wish I’d read the blurb. Matty took a deep breath.

Training Season – Leta Blake – Works | Archive of Our Own

He’s flamboyant and fabulous, very gay and proud of it. I’m a huge fan of Leta Blake and accepted the review request without even reading the book description. Rob Lovely owns a ranch just across the pasture.

The pace, determination, injuries and obsession to succeed, was relentless and painfully realistic. Meanwhile, his boyfriend grieves his loss, and then tries to move on. The sex in the book was pages upon pages of glory, and I loved every second of it. This one got me bad. I very rarely stay up until 4am to finish a book.

It was all too intimate to break into words. I could see how a lot of readers enjoy this — calling it intense, passionate, well-written, and hot. Reading Training Complex turned into a rather impromptu buddy read as me and several of my GR friends gushed, gasped, encouraged and held each other’s hands when emotions were high.

I’m sorry but when an enema and shittin’ in front of your partner is considered healing then I’m truly allowed to bitch. I can feel that they are of flesh and blood, with fully reasonable emotions, realistic decisions good and bad. And sexy and loving and bossy.

Because I would be lying. Was this an epic love story? I just had to learn to appreciate his specialness. Did he still deserve the mother of all bitch slaps?


A top 5 pick of the year for me.

Training Complex (Training Season, #2) by Leta Blake

A book about both a gorgeous gay guy, true love, pleasure, deprivation and elusive gains and victories. There were a few slow passages, and a fair number of want-to-kick-him moments.

We all strive for the Perfect Season in our lives and so very rarely do we get it – until we look back on what we’ve done, seen, loved, and worked towards and realized that it really was all for a reason.

Heartbroken sesxion hopeless, Neil takes refuge in his work, developing microscopic robots called nanites that can produce medical miracles.

Solange Asks Leta Blake 5 Awkward Questions

If you could have written any book, like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, any at all, which would you chose and why? It’s quite possible you know. He takes a ranch-sitting job in Montana for six months from a skating patron because hlake easy money and he can focus on his skating without the distractions of friends and the big city.

I would say that Rob Lovely is one of the top men I have read in books…ever. Sep 19, Jassy rated it really liked it Shelves: