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Luria’s “opposite” book “The Man with the Shattered World” I wished there was more science, more psychology, more analysis, more brain talk interspersed with the case study reports. Take a look back some of the stores, What I cannot help but wonder having finished the book is whether Solomon Shereshevsky himself felt blessed or cursed as he was. Details which other people would overlook, or which would remain on the periphery of awareness, took on mnekonista independent value in his mind, giving rise to images that tended to scatter meaning.

I can understand and feel the same. Lx initially he would take walks and use the memory palace method in his mind.

,ente 19, Mari rated it it was amazing Shelves: Esencialmente, Luria cree que zonas Luria’s conclusions, he leads you along his path of speculation and you feel like you are making sound conclusions while standing at his side. In order to efficiently process your environment, you have to be able to drop all the irrelevant stuff and focus clearly. Mar 05, Alia S rated it liked it Shelves: This short book is Soviet psychologist A.


But the boundary between the visual imagery of his imagination and reality was often be nebulous and he was prone to distraction that could border on split personality. He couldn’t complete the simplest tasks and for all intents and purposes was retarded.


Examples of use in kente Spanish literature, quotes and news about luria. A very easy read about a very interesting person. May 22, CM rated it it was ok Shelves: Jun 22, Abeer Hoque rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s a short and smooth read, and I’m very grateful for Luria to take a gamble back in the day and publish this “little book”.

Sang mnemonic di buku ini, memang ingatannya super tajam, tapi dia tak bisa mengenal konsep abstrak secara keseluruhan It gives the flavor of early neuroscience by one of its pioneers. These creep into This short book is Soviet psychologist A. Bruner by Alexander R. I can see how Dr. The class was pretty frustrating because it became apparent that cog scientists don’t know very much about memory.


Nov 11, Derek Davis rated it really liked it. View all 4 comments.

Mnemonista – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Bigger objects are efficient in dark places. In some cases, he proved capable of seeing better in the dark. Jul 12, Tim rated it really liked it. Luria writes about S, a man with a limitless memory, or at least one that couldn’t be measured. However, this faculty has its downside. Istilah itu berkesan sekali dalam ingatan saya, setelah membaca buku ini. In particular, it discusses his unique mental processes, how they help him remember things, and how they hindered other aspects of his life.

Meaning of “luria” in the Spanish dictionary. In fact, it turned out that M. Though this may be seen as a good thing in some cases, S.