José Saramago – Prose. English. Swedish · Portuguese . Original title: Memorial do Convento Copyright © José Saramago and Editorial Caminho, SARL. Con motivo del 50 aniversario de Alfaguara, este título ha sido elegido como uno de los 50 imprescindibles de la historia de la editorial. Results 1 – 30 of 35 Memorial Do Convento by Saramago, Jose and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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I loved the mysticism blended with the vulgar and the realism of Portugue I love almost everything related to the European Middle Ages and this novel was me,orial of the best I’ve ever encountered on the topic.

View all 5 comments. Ultimately, even the King finally realizes that death will render it all meaningless.

“Memorial do Convento” de José Saramago by Diogo Santos on Prezi

Easy, long, poetic, reflective verses makes this book hum along at a leisure pace. Francis friar promises that God will grant the King his wish, through their prayers, if a convent, monastery is built for that religious order, John the Fifth agrees readily, as soon memlrial the Queen gives birth There were thousands of Saramango books in the library, and the bookshop carried many of his major works; unfortunately, it only had one in en I picked up this book while traveling through Portugal this fall.

Anyway, I certainly r An ‘intellectual hodgepodge’ is the best term I could come across to describe the book. The priest came up to them and joined in their embrace, suddenly perturbed by the analogy the Italian had drawn when he had suggested that memorlal priest himself was God, Baltasar his son, and Blimunda the holy ghost, and now all three of them were up there in the skies together, There is only one God, he shouted, but the wind snatched the words from his mouth.

The book sounds very interesting” Yes, it is. Agora estou super feliz porque vou fazer uma visita de xonvento a Mafra, quero descobrir mais sobre esta obra! So when a monk of St. An ‘intellectual hodgepodge’ is the best term I could come across conveto describe the book. Construction began by the laying of the first stone on November 17, with a grand joae in the presence of the king, his entire court and the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon.


His language yes in Spanish is some of the best I have read. Transporting huge blocks of marble from the quarry to the site of the convent is for want of a better word, memoriap breaking.

José Saramago – Prose

They would kneel so often that actually did not get up from their knees at all. The language and prose is not only shockingly comical speaking of the queen as merely a receptacle for reproductionbut philosophical, brutal and beautiful.

The priest opens the sail a little more, three-quarters of the amber balls are already covered in shadow, and the cpnvento starts to descend gently, it is like sailing across a tranquil lake in a small boat, a tiny adjustment to the rudder, a stroke with sagamago oar, those little touches that only mankind is capable of inventing.

View all 9 comments. However, the book is not an easy one to read, sentences are pretty much large and there are no punctuations save for concurrent commas and points. Refresh and try again. The plot is not as exciting as “Pillars” and not as profound as “Name of the Rose” but definitely memorable because saramgao its milieu: The vast Portuguese Empire in Asia, Africa and South America, is very rich, money keeps flowing into the royal treasury, they are the envy of the rest eo Europe, the all-powerful king can do anything he wants.

The brief glimpses of aristocratic life are meaningfully similar, but less humanized. There was even a hospital for the sick or wounded workers. I will let others tease that out. There were thousands of Saramango books in the library, and the bookshop carried many of his major works; unfortunately, it only had one in english. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The machine shuddered, then swayed as if trying to regain its balance, there was a loud creaking from the metal plates and the entwined canes, and suddenly, as if it were being sucked in by a luminous vortex, it went up making two complete turns, and no sooner had it risen above the walls of the coach-house than it recovered its balance, raised its head like a seagull, and soared like an arrow straight up into the sky.

I picked up this book while traveling through Portugal this fall. View all 11 comments. Select the category or categories you would like to filter by Physics. My 5th Saramago book and I have always been bewildered as ever.


The festivities lasted for 8 days and were of a scale never seen before in Portugal. Shankar Thanks great review. The portico columns clearly showed the neoclassical influence, complemented by several sculptures in the same style. The enormous effort in moving that huge stone is physically exhausting for the reader himself.

Thousands labouring workers to satisfy the morbid ambitions of monks and pamper bloated ego of the king remind us of builders pyramids in antiquity. In early eighteenth century Lisbon, Baltasar, a soldier who has lost a hand in battle, falls in love with Blimunda, a young girl with strange visionary powers. Is it the ancient Egypt or the Catholic Portugal pride of kings and hypocrisy of clergy seems to be unchanged for centuries. It was as though I were a kid in a candy store!

There are very few love scenes and they are not as explicit as I thought Saramago would go but they did not lessen my enjoyment of reading everything.

jse A superior novelfor anyone who likes historical fiction, very well written, a gem. Out of service, he meets Blimunda who psychic maiden who sees the inside of the people and who eats only bread and when she eats she closes her eyes. Trivia About Baltasar and Blim Blimunda drew near and placed her two hands over that of Baltasar and, with a concerted gesture, as if this were the only way it fo be done, both of them pulled the rope.

Baltasar and Blimunda

I just prodded and went on and on until the last page. Not totally almost bereft like sarmago writing in Blindess but more enjoyable compared to it primarily because it is a historical love story that reminded me of Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth 3 stars one of the earliest books I’ve read when I was already a Goodreads member.

Oct 18, Stephen rated it it was amazing. To understand the magnitude of the labour involved in building such enormous edifices, I quote from Wikipedia The exact site was chosen in and purchased in The basilica and the convent were inaugurated on the day of the King’s 41st birthday on October 22,