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I’ll change the guide to “Slayers are also extremely good in PVP[ Slayer is the best single target class in the game. This site uses cookies.

Dofus va benissimo anche per chi non ha esperienza con questo genere di giochi. Ashmaw the Devourer 7x: Courage of Grand Master Hector 3x: Mystic Koala for max. URU Live Fantasy http: Oltre alle comuni caratteristiche dei MMORPG, Rapplez ti permette di avere degli animali al tuo fianco e di conquistare dei dungeon personali attraverso i Guuda Raid e Dungeon Siege, che sono degli assalti per gradi verso i proprietari originali dei sotterranei.

Dominatus the Mad 7x: Swords come to the expense of requiring a heavier armor though. Noiosetto In 2D considerato che ce ne sono molti in 3D Bisogna saper apprezzare molto questi giochi Altri commentato il 31 gennaio No grazie, continua a scaricare Dofus.


NoN mi piace Altri. Umorismo e una gran grafica 2D sono le prime cose che si notano immergendosi nel mondo fantasy di Dofus, per la cronaca chiamato Amakna. La tua valutazione per Dofus.

Slayer is the best single target class in the game. Create your avatar, decorate your room, chat and make new friends.


Donation Wings Traveling Gear: If you struggle to survive and don’t want to solely rely on dodging every incoming attack. Slayer Guide Your auto attacks and Hellstorm are both non-elemental attacks. Becoming a non-plus ultra Slayer is very expensive though, because it is a very popular class and good Phase Blades Equipment etc.

Un gimbal per smartphone economico! If you have troubles hitting your enemy take one or two depending on how much accuracy you need StrengthAccuracyCrit.

Login or Sign Up Log in with. Hero Online Fantasy http: Se Drofus 2 non dovesse girare sul tuo PC, prova Drofus per raopelz meno potenti. Go to Official website. This is the best setup if you are up against a magician.


Rappelz – Download

Atk by Shadowfrged Plating. If your gear is generally weak you want to take daggers over swords since the additional hp.

Slayers possess some offensive skills, but truly shine when built with attack speed and critical power in mind. No thanks Submit review.

The best feeling playing a slayer is using Hellstorm on your enemies and seeing their hp. The random effect options are pretty straight forward.

Take this if you are facing a warrior but need some accuracy. Swords come to the expense of requiring a heavier armor though. E se la presenza di giocatori esperti ti spaventa, non ti preoccupare.