Find answers to frequently asked questions about GMN spindles and spindle. Highest precision at high speeds: Milling spindles from GMN. We offer. High-speed spindles with an integrated motor. GMN high-speed spindles for.

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Whether you must work with holes or frames, with these spindles you always make the right choice. As a rule, GMN gjn ball bearings are used.

Asynchronous motor Tool interface: These provide reliable operational security, quiet running and long lives. Questions about the topic of spindles For which applications are GMN spindles used? Spkndle detailed results of the spindle analysis and the availability of technical special equipment, individual solutions result which ensure a reliable repair of the spindle and its sustainable operation.

HVXs spindles with low motor power

GMN standard tool interface — short taper with flat contact face Lubrication: The features of GMN spindles are: The complete product information, technology declarations and downloadable catalogs PDF are available. Should you have questions which were not answered here, please come to us with your questions.

Precision sipndle, solid preloaded:: Your GMN spindles are designed for daily, rough operation and a long lifetime.


Delivery with frequency converter and lubrication device. If the spindle function is compromised, GMN service technicians are on-site quickly to ensure that our customers maintain maximum productivity. The actual life of each spindle can only be estimated individually and is very strongly dependent on external influences:.

Spindles for these applications such as the HC and HCS series provide the highest precision at very high speed for sometimes micro-precise manufacturing results. As a rule, suitable cooling units are used to discharge the spind,e using cooling water or thin-flowing oil, which can also be obtained from GMN.

High-speed grinding spindles for machining small and very small holes. Thus one can frequently use grease lubrication instead of more expensive oil lubrication. All processes in connection with each spindle are maintained in our database.

Spindle Service – GMN

In the rare event of a spindle malfunction, or an issue with less than expected performance, GMN offers comprehensive examination procedures which provide root cause and solutions to remedy the situation. Motor- and high-frequency spindles are fitted with powerful motors. Comprehensive, Transparent, On Schedule: High-frequency spindles have internal cooling spindl.

For grinding, milling and drilling applications, as well as all types of drives which must run in a highly-precise way. Monitoring of motor temperature:: In planning machine systems and selecting the right spindles, GMN supports its customers with professional know how and gmb experience.


GMN’s reliability is derived from over this experience in design, use and manufacture of precision rotating mechanisms. Hybrid ball bearings are a material spindl of bearing steel inner and outer rings and ceramic balls.

GMN also makes tool and dressing spindles for energy regeneration or test stand motors. Heating takes place due to the current flow through the coils, which may not exceed a temperature which is appropriate to the insulation class. What ball bearings are used?

Supplier of GMN Spindle Technology

Training GMN offers qualified training at customer sites as well as in our facilities, in the theory and practice of the proper use of GMN high-frequency spindles.

Permanent grease lubrication or oil-air lubrication. Are the motor spindles fitted with sensors?