Philosophy Goes to the Movies guides the reader through philosophical ideas using lively and illuminating cinematic examples including Christopher Falzon. Philosophy goes to the Movies is a new kind of introduction to philosophy that Christopher Falzon is lecturer of Philosophy at Newcastle University, Australia. Philosophy goes to the Movies is a new kind of introduction to philosophy that makes use of movies including The Matrix, Antz, Total Christopher Falzon.

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Movies abound, so philosophical ideas. An Exploration in Words and Images. Technological control and manipulation are characteristic of the productive dimension of human existence, in which we work on nature and we have no other way of relating to the natural world.

These techniques aim to both control people, but also better them by turning us into good students, proficient soldiers, or reliable workers. History of Western Philosophy. Want to Read saving…. If there are moral fslzon or values of any sort, it is because we have freely chosen them, and nothing can guide us in these choices.

If we were not morally good in this sense of being well-balanced we could not pursue our own interests. Justin rated it liked it Jun 29, Retaining our identities over time as our bodies change.

Ben-Shaul – – Berghahn Books. Sign in to use this feature.

Mojtabaa rated it did not like it Dec 23, These techniques are used in many areas of society, moveis not just by the government Movies: Kant, my real wants are those that originate from me as an autonomous, rational individual. Science Logic and Mathematics.

Barry Salt – – In Warren Buckland ed. Penny Craswell rated it it was amazing Oct 11, Yet, those ideas have been arranged according maybe to the academia classification; therefore, you have a chapter on Epistemology knowledge themes ; one chapter on moral. Main point of difference between Freud and Plato: Casper, Ghost exhibit the incoherence in how ghosts interact with the physical world Problem of other minds I can directly observe other bodies, but I cannot observe other minds; thus, I may be the only mind that exists Solution from analogy I exhibit behavior X when I experience mental state Y; you exhibit behavior X, thus you probably experience mental state Y Criticism: Ali baba rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Real power lies mvies self-mastery not master over others ,by disciplining, organising and giving shape to one’s own desires.


A person who heroically refuses to appeal to pre-existing values and standards, but instead shoulders the heavy burden of responsibility for their ralzon. These techniques are used in many areas of society, and not just by the government.

Philosophy Goes to the Movies: An Introduction to Philosophy

Sisyphus defiantly and joyfully embraces his absurd task. We as individuals find ourselves caught up in an already-existing framework of social relations in which we decide and act. Society and technology are not organized so as to serve genuine human needs and interests.

The authoritarianism that is already present in his account of the self, in which reason needs to firmly control the desires, has here been turned into a political authoritarianism. William Brown – – In Warren Buckland ed. View all 7 comments. Definition of a person: There are times when we want to say that our behaviour is not expressive of ‘who we really are’. No keywords specified fix it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Christopher Falzon – – Routledge.

The rational command of moral duty should take precedence over merely personal interest, desire, and inclinations. The capacity for rational self-determination makes persons uniquely valuable, and thus we should treat them with these goals in view and not merely as the instruments or means for the realisation of our own projects. Philosophy, General Works categorize this paper.


fazlon Everything we experience might be an illusion, generated in us by the evil demon. Knowledge is founded on basic perceptions e. The world is absurd: He exists I think therefore I amhe has a mind, an non-deceiving God exists, the external world exists.

Recent Work on Cinema as Philosophy. Being non-physical, it does not have any mass or occupy any space. An interesting way to approach philosophy, by using movies to illustrate basic philosophical principles. Peter Reichelt rated it liked it Jun 12, Google Books no proxy hdl.

Philosophy Goes to the Movies: An Introduction to Philosophy – Christopher Falzon – Google Books

Benefits of dualism Explains life after death Minds do not seem to be physical Thinking seems to be beyond the capacity of any physical machine In the movies All of Me: The proper goal of each person is self-realization or self-fulfillment, which each of us must do independently. Individuals are seen as necessarily part of a community. If all social authority were removed, things would be very unpleasant. He Said She Said; Hilary and Jackie; Rashomon; 12 Angry Men; some of these might be about the unreliability of human testimony, not about the relativism of truth The truth and nothing but Strong notion of truth: Conventional movies where morality triumphs: Opposite of the existential hero: