Hi Dave, I think we can use cumentPart. GetStream() to retrieve the stream. Is this what you are looking for?. Changes you make to the document will not be saved if this parameter C#. // Open a WordprocessingDocument for editing using the filepath. When you create and save a VBA macro in a document, Word adds a MainDocumentPart** property of the word processing document. C#.

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Open fileName, True ‘ Access the main document part. After opening the file, the sample code retrieves a reference to the first paragraph. The code appends these properties as children of the style element. Sign up using Facebook. After the code deletes the part, it changes the document type internally and renames the document so that it wordprocessingdocyment the. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. When I run this for the sample document that I created that included tracked wordprocessingdoccument in the first paragraphthe example produces the following output.

Gets a collection of annotations of the specified type for this PartContainer. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using worddprocessingdocument technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release. The complete sample code listing can be found in the Sample Code section at the end of this topic. The point size is specified in half-points, so a value of 24 is wordprocessingdodument to 12 point.

While the code in the sample listing calls the AppendChild method of each class, you can sometimes make code shorter and easier to read by using the technique shown in the following code example.


This article describes the various approaches to working with documents in memory. Once you have created the Word document package, you can add parts to it. The second parameter takes the styleid of the style, and the third parameter takes the style name.

How to: Apply a style to a paragraph in a word processing document

There is no Save method. The first parameter takes a full path string that represents the document that you want to create.

Select Function n CType n. In this how-to topic, you will use a word-processing document package.

Create a word processing document by providing a file name | Microsoft Docs

Creates a new MediaDataPart part in the document package. First ‘ Get the Styles part for this document. Several Create methods are provided, each with a different signature.

The code then reads the contents of the source ThemePart part by using a StreamReader object and writes to the target ThemePart part by using a StreamWriter object.

To call this method, pass a full path filename as the first parameter and the text to add as the second. Where Function st st. Applying a style that does not exist to a paragraph has no effect; there is no exception generated and no formatting changes occur. Deletes all the parts with the specified part type from the package recursively. Gets the count of all parts of type T. Creating Resizable Memory Streams from Byte Arrays When working with the SharePoint Products and Technologies object models, you retrieve documents from a document library as a byte array, and there is a MemoryStream constructor that can create a memory stream from a byte array.


You can find these classes in the DocumentFormat. The theme part contains information about the color, font, and format of a document. To open and work with a Word document, create an instance of the WordprocessingDocument class from the document. A run contains one or more t elements. A style can also have a separate user friendly style name to be shown in the user interface. When building an ASP. FirstOrDefault Return styleId End Function ‘ Create a new style with the wotdprocessingdocument styleid and stylename and add it to the specified ‘ style definitions part.

Copy contents of an Open XML package part to a document part in a different package

If its package-relationship item contains a relationship to wodprocessingdocument workbook part, it is defined as a spreadsheet document. There is one important point to make about this method: After you run the code example, examine the text in the file. To create a Word document, you create an instance of the WordprocessingDocument class and populate it with parts.

Close doesn’t have to called explicitly either because the using block will call Dispose what in turn will call Close. After creating them, you want to send them directly to the user of the Web application. Append styleName1 ; style.