Buy ARINC Ats Data Link Applications Over Acars Air-Ground Network from SAI Global. ARINC documents may be obtained from ARINC at: ,. ARINC “ATS Data Link Applications Over ACARS Air-Ground Network”. ARINC. Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC), established in , is a major provider of transport communications and systems engineering solutions for eight .

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ARINC – Wikipedia

Hyphens need to be deleted prior to comparison with the registration number in Field 18 of the ICAO flight plan, which cannot contain hyphens. Sequence of Requiredtimearrival data structures. The uplink data are loaded into route 1, otherwise. For example, if an uplink with a [position] choice of ‘navaid’ is received, the FMC will search only the NDB Navaid record for a matching identifier.

Other CAA ground systems are currently under operational approval process.

At that xrinc, it is possible that the user will utilize alternate procedures, such as direct voice contact. Wherever possible interoperability standards are defined by direct reference to a released industry standard document.

If VHF is available and the attempt at delivery via VHF was not successful, uplink delivery shall be attempted via the satellite communications facilities of an alternate DSP. ATS providers should not rely on the bit address for correlation purposes on these aircraft. There may be limits in the number of such procedural changes due to arinf or safety considerations. If the ATC facility sends a disconnect 6222, it would be ignored by some aircraft.


Specifies the ICAO facility name expressed as a variable length character string.

Sequence of data structures used to compute additional waypoints to an aircraft’s route of flight. The use of satellite communications will support all of these application requirements.


At the time of writing the following network qualification procedures applied: Sequence of ATWaltitudetolerance and Altitude data structures. This time shall be displayed to the crew. There will be differences between how each of them operate. Wind speed specified in knots. Economic pressures may drive early implementation of regional capabilities that must be consistant for use by all users.

Disconnect requests mentioned hereafter are provided by this interface. Indicates the vertical tolerance factor for altitude clearances.

For each [interceptcoursefrom] which is arinf ARINC provides for means to achieve this criteria. Only one closure response shall be allowed for a given message. Sequence of the Verticaldirection and Verticalrate data structures. ARINC also developed the standards for the trays and boxes used to hold standard line-replaceable units like radios in aircraft.

Specifies the type of procedure, namely, arrival, approach, or departure procedure. Nevertheless, if a DSP adopts a distributed architecture with multiple CPs in the future, the provisions described in this document will still apply. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. In this case, the previous recommendation is not sufficient and results in an incorrect date.


Last updated 1/17/07

Indicates the presence or absence of Communication, navigation, and approach aid equipment. Data structures created for compliance with ASN. If the leg distance is specified in kilometers, it is considered invalid. The application processes will have to be designed to recognize the differences in versions and respond accordingly.

Upon establishment of a connection, the ADSF shall process uplinks on this connection. Specifies the estimated departure time. Current cockpit interface design is based on the assumption that the time at which the message was generated by the ATS system may not be available. Then all other data contained in the request will be processed.

Interoperability Requirements for ATS Applications using ARINC Data Communication

Sequence of data structures used to associate altitudes and speeds with particular points in a route clearance. If there is additional information which requires a procedural response e. For convenience, the basic DO paragraph organization has been used.

Sequence of the Trackname data structure and associated arimc in the route of the aircraft defined using the LatitudeLongitude data structure.