Our Coaches Adam Linkenauger. The Most Popular and Proven Vertical Jump Trainer in the world. 9x ACC Champion and Coach, Olympic Qualifying Athlete. Adam Linkenauger is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Adam Linkenauger and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share. Adam Linkenauger. K likes. Owner of and I Love Basketball:

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Luis Congdon Thank you so much. Adam Linkenauger A lot of times, when we upload to YouTube, we linkenaugeg what we would title our videos or what we would keyword our videos.

Build up your ranking on YouTube Use standard terminology. Are you ready to launch? The next step to get more views on YouTube is once I have those four — ten different terms in different pain points how my target market would type in, I go the YouTube search bar, start aam those terms in.

At 14, I was confident in myself, but just was not seeing results. You will never touch the rim, let alone dunk! We only do one video a week now, but we make it longer, and we make it quality. Freak Athletics has been in business for over 7 years and have continued time and time again to deliver the best training for all athletes lineknauger basketball players.

Which became mine the following season! Have the passion for it. I wanted to ask you to jump on this next piece.

Remember that Varsity player? Why is it important to get more views on YouTube? YouTube is a massive search engine. I debated just giving up. Again, I may not know-it-all… but I promise you I know a lot of it!


I linkneauger repurposed to YouTube. SEO it in a way that your audience can find it. YouTube is my top tier from content creation. What I mean by that is we verbally tell them exactly what to do, and we visually point on the screen at the button.

I loved how Adam cared for his athletes and wasn’t a scammer like most online trainers and once he asked me linkemauger join him to help train basketball players, I was delighted.

About Us — Freak Training

This is a new feature that YouTube is offering. Do call to actions within that 20 second and tell that audience where to click and what to do next. They watch your content. I recommend someone starting out to aim at linkenager videos a week minimum.

I can’t wait to work with you and take your basketball game to another level! What is your particular method for that? Why You Should Choose Linkenauuger Adam Linkenauger Another tip when it comes to a call to action.

Get More Views On YouTube – Adam Linkenauger – Thriving Launch Podcast

Do you use lnkenauger keyword tool for any of these? Anyone who comes in for consulting with me, I say six months to a year. Guys out there, Thriving Launchers. I appreciate you having me here. I ended up breaking the assist record, as well as the 3 point shooting record and achieved multiple awards, such as, All- District, All-Region, All Area, and All-State.

YouTube is where we go to find solutions to our problems. That always works out whether it would be in mailing lists, social media or even the comments on your YouTube videos.

I was smaller, weaker, and slower… than everyone else. If I just type in basketball training, YouTube gives these autocomplete functions. We pull about 2, leads a day from YouTube for free because these are people who are in the moment of searching for solution. At the end of each video, tell your viewers exactly what to do and show them where they need to click. If you visit ILoveBasketball, literally, our call to action I think is the best I come up with or seen.


Adam Linkenauger That would be tough. Luis Congdon Those are words most people are going to be using online to describe things.

Do you have any tips around that? I reached far beyond my athletic goals that I made when I was 14 years old. I made something definitely that would be valuable to swipe. Start searching for the terms that show up.

Within Google, you can just click one over, and you can see video, images, shopping, and all those different things. After starting Varsity my freshman year of high school, I ended up finishing a great high school career where I led my team to their first ever district and regular season championship and lead the school to the playoffs for the very first time.

Adam, thank you so much for joining us today on Thriving Launch.

Get More Views On YouTube – Adam Linkenauger

I was made fun of for working so hard. I wanted to high jump, but do you know what event my coach put me in instead? You got to continue to upload, and you got to continue to put in the work.